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The War Amps provides amputees with financial assistance for artificial limbs and information resources that address all aspects of amputation.

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Address Labels

Collage of address label styles available to order.

Every fall, The War Amps mails personalized, peel and stick seasonal address labels as a thank you to donors. Together with the Key Tag Service, the Address Label Service has proven to be very useful to Canadians and provides year-round employment to Canadian amputees and other people with disabilities at our sheltered workshop.

In addition to seasonal address labels, other label styles are available that are suitable for year-round use. Address labels are available to Canadian residents only.

Order Your Address Labels

Address Labels Are Not Just for Letters and Envelopes!

They can be used to identify items like books, or for filling out name and address information on forms. Address labels are available free-of-charge, however, if you see value in The War Amps programs and services you can choose to make a donation.

The War Amps many programs are made possible through the public’s support of the Key Tag and Address Label Service.

Sophia’s Story

Your Support Is Making a Difference!

Sophia’s parents learned that she was going to be born missing her left hand at their first ultrasound. Before she was even born, they were able to get connected with The War Amps Child Amputee (CHAMP) Program and received tremendous support. Since she was born, the CHAMP Program has been there to help with financial support for artificial limbs, regional seminars and peer support.

Sophia is proud of the “helping hands” she uses to achieve her goals. Your support can help make a difference.

Watch More CHAMP Stories

Sophia’s Story

Watch More CHAMP Stories

The War Amps DOES NOT:

  • Use professional fundraisers
  • Receive government grants
  • Solicit by phone or door-to-door
  • Sell or trade your name/address
  • Spend more than 10% on administration
  • Tie up funds in long-term investments
QAS International ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate.

The War Amps is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for the operation of an information security management system to protect the privacy of donor and key tag information; this is in accordance with Statement of Applicability, Issue 2, dated March 4, 2020.